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Individual Rights at Issue in Pending Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Decision

Massachusetts Criminal / SORB Attorneys have been waiting for an impending decision in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court case Commonwealth v. Tracey Kateley. This complicated case is centered upon the constitutionality of a Lifetime Community Parole sentence if the defendant wasn’t given sufficient notice of the potential penalties they are facing.  The oral argument in [...]

Supreme Court Decision in US v. Jones Significantly Impacts Individual Privacy Rights

Boston DUI lawyers took note of a recent United States Supreme Court decision that will have long-term repercussions on the application of the Fourth Amendment in this highly technological age. The Court’s unanimous decision in US v. Jones, issued on January 23, 2012, found that the attachment of a Global Positioning System (GPS) device to [...]

Welcome to The Law Offices of Tracy Dorene Dudevoir’s Blog!

This blog is intended to provide you with regular updates about current events in Massachusetts OUI law, as well as provide information for those interested in what we do. We feel we can help and serve many more people than just our clients by consistently publishing relevant information about what is going on in our [...]