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  1. MB says:

    It’s great to have such a reliable source for legal representation in MA. Attorney Dudevoir represented a case I was involved with recently and was extremely helpful and informative. She guided me through the entire process and put my mind at ease with facts about the case as it progressed. Her professionalism and experience made for a smooth process and helped make each step very clear along the way. I strongly suggest consulting with Attorney Dudevoir for any legal representation you may need in MA.

  2. DB says:

    I was recently charged with a second OUI. I was extremely greatful to have attorney Dudevoir represent me. She informed me every step of the way through the process. Never have I witnessed such professionalism and kindness. Attorney Dudevoir promptly returned my phone calls and happily answered any questions I had reguarding my case. She is extremely well informed of the OUI laws in Massachusetts. She took my case all the way to trial. The end result was a NOT GUILTY finding. I would strongly suggest consulting attorney Dudevoir for ANY of your legal needs.

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